Best Food Neighborhood (2013)

North Loop

Once just a collection of nondescript office buildings and condo construction sites, the North Loop has been experiencing a surge of new energy ever since Target Field's development plans were announced. It made sense that restaurateurs would flock to this area, but no one anticipated the high volume nor the level of quality we got from the eateries that set up shop during this boom. We expected foamy beer and got hand-chipped ice at Marvel Bar. We thought maybe a hoagie place, and in came Be'Wiched Deli with its house-cured meats. We assumed pizza, and we got, well pizza. But it's Black Sheep's amazing coal-fired pizza topped with things like roasted wild mushrooms, pickled peppers, and fennel sausage. Bachelor Farmer, Smack Shack, Fulton Brewery, Local D'Lish, Borough, Bar La Grassa, Sapor, Haute Dish, Origami — the list of fabulous foodie options in this relatively small area just goes on and on, and with plans for empty spaces already taking shape, the North Loop is showing no signs of stopping.

Location Details

207 5th Avenue N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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