Best Dive Bar (Suburban) (2013)

Huey's Saloon

What makes for a perfect dive bar? Buzzing neon sign from a bygone era? Check. Fantastically greasy, perfectly grilled burgers and onion rings that'll leave you burping up regret for the rest of your day? Check. No website, let alone Facebook presence or bartender who tweets the nightly specials? Midday drunks arguing with the jukebox before battling the dartboard in the back of the wood-paneled bar? Friendly and down-to-earth, not snobby urban hipster staff? Check, check, and check. Bars like these seem plentiful in inner-ring, working-class suburbs. Huey's Saloon, off 36 and 61 in Maplewood, has all this plus a bathroom that looks like it's been untouched save for regular cleanings since the days your grandparents drank there. Want to make a night of it? Huey's shares a parking lot with the Northernaire Motel, which has its own awesome vintage neon sign and is one of those few down-on-your-luck-looking motel dives still dotting our fine cities. So don't worry about cab fare; just stumble to your room after an afternoon spent hitting the bottle with the locals.

Location Details

2425 Maplewood Drive
Saint Paul MN 55109


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