Hidden in the Elliot Park neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis, Bandbox Diner is a relic from another time. It was built during the 1930s by a man named Harry Wyman and his wife, Bert, as a local alternative to burgeoning fast-food chains like White Castle. At one time there were 15 of them around the Twin Cities, but this is the only one that has survived, and it was designated a historic landmark in 2000 by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission. We're quite glad that Bandbox has weathered the years. For breakfast, the intimate diner offers all the classic American choices, from French toast and pancakes to the "monster omelet." For lunch or dinner, we recommend one of Bandbox's greasy burgers with house-made fries. It's the best place to get your greasy-spoon fix in the Twin Cities.

Location Details

729 S. 10th St.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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