Only Pip Hanson could make a watered-down drink, devoid of ice cubes, appealing. He and his team behind the bar at Marvel are once again taking the expectations of what a cocktail ought to be and twisting the whole thing sideways. The Great Gatsby is a flavor achievement. We've traveled the craft-cocktail scene around the region and the country, and we'd happily put this drink up against any other (and gleefully watch it crush the competition like so much ice). The Gatsby is made with 14-year-old, single-malt Oban Scotch whiskey, a splash of apricot liqueur, Benedictine, and a dash of salt, all mixed with "cellar temperature" (chilly) distilled water. Served in Riedel stemware, it's deceptively simple in appearance. The flavor is anything but: deep, peaty scotch smoke is profoundly mellowed, like slowly easing into a warm bath. It's super chill and easy on the lips — even easier on the gullet. A fine, classy glass of beautiful booze, the Great Gatsby is exquisite elegance in a glass.

Location Details

50 2nd Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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