Part of the perfect chocolate experience is the heightened anticipation. Staring at that thin, dome-shaped shell, elegantly painted with shimmering color, you'll find it an exercise in self-control not to just hork it down. Stunning chocolates like the ones made by St. Croix Chocolate deserve savoring. The flavors are subtle and imaginative combinations. Honey whiskey, orange thyme, white ginger: The ingredients play so wonderfully together to enhance the rich, chocolate decadence. Each little truffle deserves a moment of artful appreciation. The raspberry alone shines like a ruby. After four or five seconds of supreme denial, you've earned the right to devour these little works of art. Your teeth break that thin shell and plunge into the rich, creamy center. For a moment, the world stops spinning, and all that matters is that exquisite flavor.

Location Details

261 Parker St.
Marine on St. Croix MN 55047


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