Be warned, this is no ordinary kiddie candy store. It's more like a roadside attraction meets a trip down memory lane meets enough sugar to feed a small country, twice. Minnesota's Largest Candy Store will suck you in before you even arrive. The flashy yellow exterior adorned with colorfully painted signs guarantees to spark your curiosity from a mile away. Just off 169 in Jordan, the location is a bit of a hike but well worth every mile. One look around instantly brings out the kid in everyone, feeding into a nostalgia for days when corner store shelves were packed high with Zotz, Pop Rocks, candy cigarettes, necklaces, and buttons. Hard-to-find '90s candy is just the beginning. Homemade pies, flavored sodas, baking mixes, potato chips, more than 50 licorice varieties, and even a section of puzzles fill the shelves floor to ceiling. Plan ahead to visit Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. It's only open from July to Thanksgiving, and it doesn't take credit cards — cash or check only. So stuff your wallet full of cash and take a late-summer evening drive for the ultimate sugar rush. But don't say you haven't been warned.

Location Details

20430 Johnson Memorial Drive
Jordan MN 55352


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