If your idea of a burrito begins with carnitas and ends with carne asada, it's time to think outside the caja. Chef Sameh Wadi has brought an entirely new twist to the humble tortilla roll-up with the unique Bangkok Burrito at World Street Kitchen (both the food truck and the new fast-casual restaurant on Lyndale). At his renowned fine-dining Middle Eastern restaurant Saffron, Wadi has demonstrated his incredible command of complex, nuanced, perfectly balanced spices, on a level that perhaps only Indian food can match. He employs that same expertise at WSK, which puts Wadi's masterful spin on street foods from around the world. In the Bangkok Burrito, the tortilla is filled with an exotic mix of rice, basil, cilantro, and your choice of red curry chicken (our favorite, and only $8.50), Korean "BBQ" beef short ribs, or marinated tofu. But the artist's touch — the stroke of chefly genius — is the "secret sauce," a creamy and spectacularly savory mystery ingredient that melds it all together. The result is an unlikely and utterly glorious mashup of world cuisines that will fire the neurons of every pleasure center in your brain. It will also forever change your idea of what a burrito can be.

Location Details

2743 Lyndale Avenue S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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