Here, in the birthplace of Juicy Lucys, it's always a surprise when a non-molten-cheese-stuffed burger shows up on a menu and manages to blow you away. But that's just what happens when you first sink your teeth into the Hill Burger at Harriet Brasserie in Linden Hills. It's not even representative of most of the cuisine at this charming bistro, which is primarily Brazilian and classic French, but it's quietly gained a following due to its fine-tuned execution, perfect patty-to-bun ratio, and bold combination of ingredients. The cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, and oyster mushrooms are all well and good, but the two all-important factors here are the deliciously fragrant and nuanced truffle aioli and the lean but mineral-rich beef. For our money, it's the best grass-fed burger in town.

Location Details

2724 W. 43rd St.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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