Even those who didn't bite the "free beer for life" hook at the investing stage have been packing this new brewpub on a nightly basis. The Standish-Ericsson neighborhood is mere steps off the light rail and offers a blend of residential and commercial services, yet it lacked craft beer/sit-down dinner options. In other words, Northbound Smokehouse is just what the neighborhood ordered. Offering a mix of unique and bold beers and smoked, locally sourced meats, the upstart is packed nearly every night and serving quality, brewed-on-site beverages. Give the ownership credit not only for creative startup funding but for providing a much-needed niche in this south Minneapolis neighborhood. While Northbound's success can make seating hard to find, its patio nearly doubles the brewpub's capacity.

Location Details

2716 E. 38th St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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