Finding the best bloody Mary in the Twin Cities is no simple task. Just about every bar has one, and plenty claim the title. Some will lure you with infused vodka and elaborate garnishes, but there's really no hiding a dull mix. We traveled far and wide this year sampling bloodies, from trendy new bars to dives. We found plenty worthy of praise, but Hell's Kitchen's was far and away the best. Served with a beef stick and a pickle, the Hell's Kitchen bloody captures the perfect level of spice — not too hot for the average brunch-goer, but you'll damn well know you're drinking it. The mix is thick and fantastically complex. The bloody also comes with a chili rim for extra spice and a beer back for good measure. It's as classy as we've come to expect from a restaurant that does just about everything well (the homemade peanut butter is a must-try, too). So next time you find yourself paying for a long night at the bars, or simply in the market for a good brunch drink, we highly recommend swinging over to Hell's Kitchen.

Location Details

80 S. 9th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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