Best Spread at a Gallery Opening (2013)

Mpls Photo Center

Some galleries seem to think that a cheese platter, some veggie sticks, and a few bottles of wine qualifies as a party. The Mpls Photo Center is not one of them. Every few months, when the center mounts a new exhibit, a crowd floods into its sprawling warehouse space for one of the best gallery receptions in town. The art itself is an attraction, but the giant center table in the main gallery is a key part of the draw: During every opening, it's heaped with food. The gallery's co-founder, Orin Rutchick, cooks the spread himself, and while he makes different dishes each time, he tends toward the Mediterranean, like couscous and salads overflowing with feta and olives, served in big wooden boats. Come for the photography, stay for seconds and thirds of the meal.

Location Details

2400 N. 2nd St.
Minneapolis MN 55411


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