Best Rock Band (2013)

Prissy Clerks

One of the things that always keeps us coming to back to rock bands is that, well, sometimes they're just bratty. In Prissy Clerks, we found a band with just the right mixture of pop-power sugariness and sneering 'tude. Sure, some pretty experienced hands are in this group — the fingerprints of former Red Pens ace Howard Hamilton are all over the place — but this is first and foremost Clara Salyer's vehicle, and she navigates it well through a minefield of youthful confusion and expectation. She coos about getting older, falling in love, and making bad decisions, her voice blending into near-harmonies with the slashing, buzzing drone of electric guitars. When Salyer, with sarcasm in full gear, declares, "Everybody says that everybody dies/But everybody's wrong 'cause everybody lies," we're old enough to know better — but it's just too fun not to play along anyway.


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