In some ways, it might seem like there's a law of diminishing returns when it comes to starting a record label these days. After all, who buys records today? And what band even needs a label to get its music out there anymore? But with that said, it's a perfect time for labels that want to focus on the finer points of record-making — and it was just such an idea that inspired the inception of Forged Artifacts. The Minneapolis-based label isn't just the brainchild of local music scribe Matt Linden, it's basically a one-man show. Linden runs his operation out of his living room, with some of his friends pitching in on the artwork, and the product is assembled with the love you'd expect. Forged Artifacts has released only a handful of records in its first 12 months, but with up-and-coming acts like Observer Drift and Prissy Clerks in its ranks, there's no shortage of reasons to keep an eye on this young label.

Location Details

18 N. 12th St.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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