Best Male Vocalist (2013)

Nick "The Feelin'" Mrozinski

Nick "The Feelin'" (or Nick David, or Nick Mrozinski) was the feel-good story of the year for Minnesota musicians, and we were rooting for our down-home family man along with everyone else in town. He might have come up just short of the grand prize, but third place was nothing to sneer at — and good Lord, did you hear those pipes? Dude can sing. Mrozinski — dressed in one colorful tweed jacket after another, his hair long, his fingers full of rings — has a voice that's rich and soulful, with a lower register that would send chills down Barry White's spine, but which could still, as we eventually found out, harmonize beautifully with Smokey Robinson. And he did it all with class, never letting the rest of the world forget that, at heart, he was just a proud papa from little old Eagan.


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