Whether it's the end of the end or merely the beginning of the middle of the end, the higher-ups at KFAN have yet to pry the microphone out of "The Common Man" Dan Cole's hands — and that's a good thing for connoisseurs of Twin Cities talk radio. The most esoteric host on the dial continues to mix and match sports talk with homespun takes on controversial issues ranging from gun control to sobriety. (By the way, have you heard it's been more than two decades since Common has had a drink?) His tomfoolery and skullduggery can go over the heads of those who don't "get the bit," but for the Commonwealth, his radio stylings provide a unique and ever-fresh comedic fix no matter how many times he recycles his bits (and we've heard all of them 13 or 14 times by now). In recent years the program has received an added boost from the regular 2 o'clock hour presence of WCCO's Mark Rosen, who takes Common's good-natured abuse  much in the manner of an even-tempered brother.

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