Marion McClinton's steady hand has been behind many terrific productions in the Twin Cities over the past several years. His work for Pillsbury House in the last year helped propel that company to our Best Theater award, but his work on many stages around the Twin Cities is the reason for this honor. Both Buzzer and The Brothers Size were three-way conversations that tackled tough issues from beginning to end. It's easy for plays about race relations (Buzzer) or family (Brothers Size) to turn into simple-minded, didactic, and dull creations. The strong scripts here help, but McClinton, who earned a Tony nod for his direction of August Wilson's King Hedley II, knows how to bring out the nuances. Like a gem cutter, McClinton polishes his plays to a brilliant sheen, but makes sure all of the beautiful facets are intact.

Location Details

3501 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55404


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