You've no doubt seen the moniker burned onto a spiffy yardstick-style growth chart, cribbage board, or picture frame in a local gift shop, or seen a truck driving around Longfellow branded with the same logo. But what exactly is Wood from the Hood? Thanks to the organization, neighborhood trees that once provided shade to humans and home to wildlife are no longer destined for the mulch pile when they're damaged or otherwise need to come down; these folks turn locally sourced, secondhand wood into everything from flooring and furniture to dominoes and beverage coasters. You'll find their custom work at Hamline and Macalester, in the Seward Co-op and Kopplin's Coffee, and in a growing number of homes throughout the Twin Cities. The best part? Your new Wood from the Hood cutting board or bottle opener is marked with the zip code where its wood once stood as a stately tree. Whether you have a giant oak or ash that needs to come down and you don't want it to go to waste, or you simply want to install new cabinets or flooring in your home using locally sourced, recycled wood, look no further than the Longfellow 'hood.

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2727 26th Avenue S.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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