Best Band to Break Up in the Past 12 Months (2013)

The Tribe & Big Cats

Artistic tension is a blessing and a curse. A good group self-edits within its ranks, but when talented collaborators both have the right answer, but can't reconcile their creative differences, the foundation cracks. Such seems to be the tale of the Tribe & Big Cats' dissolution. Vocalist TruthBeTold, now known as Rapper Hooks, and beatmaker Big Cats seem to have drifted to the poles of local hip hop — the former embracing increasingly brasher, rawer street narratives in his deep, robust timbre, and the latter opting for more avant-garde beats that often offer a voice of their own in instrumental form. For now, the last chapter is 2012's Space, a gorgeous and lofty listen that shows they knew exactly when to slice apart.


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