Patrick Reusse is an old man living comfortably in a young man's world, and that's reflected on the 1500 ESPN radio show he co-hosts with Phil Mackey. Mackey likes to tell listeners he's on the young side of 30, but Reusse, pushing 70 and described as a "curmudgeon" on his own show, doesn't take a back seat to anybody when it comes to young-man pursuits like Twitter and understanding the newest and hottest methods of statistical analysis in sports. On the radio, Reusse's trademark raspy voice is a perfect fit for the AM dial, and the good-natured verbal jousting he and Mackey regularly engage in has the feel of an ambitious kid taking on his seen-it-all father. To Reusse's credit, he's also unafraid to defend unpopular positions, but even when doing so, he typically employs solid arguments to back up his case. It makes for entertaining radio and serves as a reminder that age, in some cases, really does correlate with wisdom.

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