There's a point in all our lives when living like the rock stars we are finally catches up with us. Suddenly, going to work with a hangover isn't fun and games anymore, and all these strange new aches and pains start showing up. That's when yoga comes to the rescue, and we finally discover that it feels good to take care of our bodies. Once that happens, the folks at Yoga Center of Minneapolis are here to help. The studio has two locations, one in a beautiful old loft in the Warehouse District and a slightly more out-of-the-way, but more spacious, one in St. Louis Park. There's no hot yoga here, but then that's the point: Rather than offering a tough workout, the Yoga Center's methods focus on a slower pace, with an array of hatha and vinyasa classes, and others focused on meditation and restorative yoga. The center keeps a full schedule of classes every day, from morning till early evening, with specially focused sessions such as body detoxification, beginners only, back strengthening, and even candlelight yoga with live music. Along the way, the instructors are happy to go at your pace and help get you in touch with your body while developing some of that good chi we all need in our lives. (That goes for the group classes as well as more specialized one-on-one sessions.) Before you know it, you'll be feeling like your old — er, young — self again.

Location Details

212 3rd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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