Best Unofficial Twins Souvenir (2012)

Andy Sturdevant's "Minneapolis-Based Baseball Team" scorecards

Andy Sturdevant, the bearded, bespectacled man-about-town, bon vivant, host of the long-running and ever-popular Salon Saloon (among many other pursuits), is also the creator and proprietor of the finest baseball scorecard to be found. His "Minneapolis-based Baseball Team" scorecards feature dual portraits of Hubert H. Humphrey and Joe Mauer beneath Sturdevant's nod to the Twins: Romulus and Remus nursing from a she-wolf who watches over us all. Even better, the scorecard is a dream for those of us who enjoy the art of licking pencils and writing strange hieroglyphs to record our day at the park. Each features the usual grid representing every at-bat (with a mini-diamond inside each square), ample room for notes, and even a box indicating an appearance by "Haunty," the hyper-pixilated "Walks Will Haunt" ghost that appears after a Twins base-on-balls (Haunty is perhaps the only leftover from the old Metrodome), and a section for "overheard comments." Perfection. Look for Andy, with his round glasses and McGovern button, hawking cards during random Twins games by the screaming Kirby Puckett.


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