Best Sid Hartman Moment (2012)

Joe Mauer's first press conference after 2011 return

Each year there are so many mind-blowing Sid Hartman moments it's honestly hard to keep track, much less choose one. In the press box the Twin Cities dean of sportswriters might devour a stack of ice cream treats or cajole clubhouse attendants to give him free hats. He mumbles, complains, and writes in a style that suggests pure stream-of-consciousness. Wandering into the clubhouse after a game, Sid pushes to the front of the pack, 1980s-era tape deck in hand, barking questions and often bolting mid-answer. But his shining moment from last season arrived at Joe Mauer's first press conference, a day before Mauer was slated to return to the lineup after a spring of injuries and ailments. Before the kid takes a seat, Sid shouts out, "Joe, how was your vacation?" Mauer could only wince. Later, Mauer notices Sid's tape recorder has stopped running, prompting Sid to bark, "Leave it alone!" Shrugging, the catcher then answers a question from a TV reporter, only to have Sid stand and begin to fix said tape recorder, blocking Mauer from the rest of the room, ruining every shot and forcing the camera crew to just shake their collective heads. Only Sid Hartman, and only in Minnesota.


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