Best Place to Watch a Meteor Shower (2012)

Wesley Park

The Lyrids, Eta Aquarids, Perseids, Orionids, Leonids, and Geminids — keep an eye on the sky, and on a stargazing calendar, and you'll find plenty of opportunities to spy a good meteor shower, weather permitting. For best viewing, it's important you drive as far as possible from the glow of the city lights, but with most of these "dirty snowballs" doing their stuff in the wee hours, it's likely you also want to stay within stumbling distance of your own bed. Stop short of the outer-ring suburbs and try Golden Valley's Wesley Park, a nearly 20-acre recreational area that by day boasts playground equipment, basketball and tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, a skating rink, a sliding hill, and four-square. By night, however, it's a perfect spot to dodge astral rocks. Aside from a few lights in the playground — essential, so you can play four-square while you wait — there's little ambient light to interfere with the fireball show in the sky, as the neighborhood is surrounded by a park reserve and is not far from giant Medicine Lake. Plus, with easy access from Minneapolis via 394 or Olson Memorial Highway, it'll hardly be a trip wasted should the clouds set in.

Location Details

8305 Wesley Drive
Golden Valley MN 55427


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