Best Minnesota Twins Addition (2012)

Corey Provus

At the retirement of radio mainstay John Gordon, the Twins looked to Milwaukee for his replacement. Brewers fans can tell you that Corey Provus, who's been working play-by-play with Hall of Famer Bob Uecker since 2009, calls a clean, clear game. Provus bridges the gap between old-school broadcasting and the modern stat-head, able to keep the dedicated Twins fan up to date with pitch counts and OPS, all while bringing the game to life. The fact that Provus admittedly doesn't have a signature home run call is a strong point in our book. ("If you try to be too cute, they sound corny," he admits.) The man has worked with both Uecker and the late Ron Santo and could bring Twins radio back to the golden era of Halsey Hall and Herb Carneal, while still being very much a 21st-century announcer.

Location Details

1 Twins Way
Minneapolis MN 55403


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