Best Place to Buy Vinyl (2012)

Yeti Records

Owning a record store these days is, almost by definition, a mom-and-pop endeavor, all the more so when it's a record store that sells only vinyl. But there's something a little different about Yeti Records. This south Nicollet shop, which opened less than two years ago, employs only a few people, but they're people with deep ties to the local music scene. For instance, Jake Luck, who co-owns Yeti with his wife, Lisa, is a veteran of such bands as Leisure Birds and Gayngs. The main draw, of course, is the vinyl, with everything from big band to classic rock on the shelves, plus god knows what else in the bargain bins and piles of recent arrivals (not to mention a healthy stash of local records, just about the only brand-new items in the store). But the real fun is in the mixtape exchange, where you can cop any manner of off-the-wall homemade cassettes, as long as you contribute yourself. Add in the basement space available for recording sessions and the store's periodic hosting of shows, and Yeti is cultivating not just customers but a community.

Location Details

3506 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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