This charming grocery in south Minneapolis is a throwback to a time when every item from bananas to sardines received its own individual price sticker and an employee insisted on carrying your bags to the car for you. That's right, Dorothy, you're not in Rainbow anymore. And you're also not at an upscale chain in Eden Prairie. You're in the heart of urban Minneapolis, and someone is offering to carry your bags for you. You'll assuage your guilt over forgoing the co-op when you taste the meat from Everett's meat counter, from dry-aged steaks to beef jerky, house-made hot polish sausage to all-American franks. This is the kind of meat that your grandpa enjoyed long ago, meat that has inspired millions of Americans to turn backyard barbecues into main events where neighbors compete to cook the best perfectly rare yet charred rib eye. It's meat that will change your life.

Location Details

1833 E. 38th St.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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