If it seems like the obvious choice, it's only because it's clearly the best mall. It doesn't really matter what you're in the market for, if you need instant gratification and can't wait for next-day shipping, you're probably on your way to MOA already. In fact, now that the mall is nearing its 20th birthday (would we even bother to figure the age of any other shopping center?), it's been around long enough that you have your game plan already figured out: Park in the Arizona lot, distract your boyfriend with a trip to Best Buy, and nab that pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack before dropping by Macy's for a sale. Whether you're on a no-browsing mission for something very specific or you just want to meander while you clutch a cup of gelato, going to any other mall feels like shorting yourself. You can deny that feeling, get sick of the crowds, and damn the weekend traffic to the deepest layer of Hades...but you always come back. Because, hey, you need new sheets. And a cake pan. And a camera.

Location Details

60 E. Broadway
Minneapolis MN 55420


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