Best Home Brewing Supplies (2012)

Midwest Supplies

Minnesotans may not drink quite as much as our neighbors to the east, but we do drink a lot. In fact, we're so into it that for many of us, alcohol is not just an idle pastime but a hobby. Home brewing is growing fast, and so too are the suppliers to help us learn the craft. St. Louis Park's Midwest Supplies is one of the largest retail home brew supply shops in the country. The place has a huge inventory, friendly service coupled with quick order fulfillment, and a huge indoor garden. The clincher: Not only does Midwest have tons of collective experience in beermaking, but it places equal focus on home winemaking. One expert has been making wine at home for two decades, and another works professionally at a local vineyard and winery.

Location Details

5825 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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