So you say your schnauzer has a squirrel fixation? Your husky hates your hubby? Your springer spaniel won't sit, your St. Bernard won't stay, and your collie won't come when he's called? Sounds like the makings of a bad blues song. But before you cue the harmonica licks, call the Canine Coach. These training gurus will put your mind at ease, whether you have a dog with aggression issues or want some guidance on how to prepare your pup for a new addition to the family, be it canine, feline, or human. The Canine Coach offers group classes, in-home training, boot camp for dogs that need a little extra attention, and play groups for pups just looking for a good time. They train over 2,500 dogs each year, so ask around; there's a good chance Maureen, Amy, Lynn, or Blair is the reason your pal has a particularly polite pitbull.

Location Details

5405 42nd Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55417


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