Best Villain (2012)

Michael Brodkorb

Michael Brodkorb is a villainous mastermind of epic proportions, worthy of a role in a 007 movie. But instead of holding the world hostage with, say, a laser or something, Brodkorb is holding Minnesota Republican legislators hostage with secrets of their own sexcapades. Last winter, Brodkorb was fired from his position as a GOP Senate communications staffer amid allegations of a sexual relationship with the Senate majority leader. He's since shot back with threats of legal action, accusing his former employer of gender discrimination. In announcing the lawsuit, Brodkorb threatened to depose other Republicans he says have been involved in secret affairs if they don't settle. It's like watching a chess match, and the Republicans are facing off against their own best player. Before Brodkorb was at odds with the Minnesota GOP, he was its most rabid attack dog and one of the most powerful forces in Minnesota politics. Brodkorb was always ready to go head-to-head with any troublesome DFLer, nosy reporter, or Republican who dared defy the party line. With Brodkorb out of the picture, we can assume Minnesota politics are about to get a lot less exciting once the scandal finally settles.


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