Best Tweeter (2012)

Chris Kluwe, a.k.a. @chriswarcraft

Chris Kluwe, the lovably geeky Vikings punter, has achieved the impossible in celebrity tweeting: a Twitter feed that won't insult the entire country's homosexual community or be read top to bottom in vocal fry. Instead, @chriswarcraft is pitch perfect. He gives his 42,000-plus followers a voyeuristic window into his fancy, fancy world ("In a limo ... wondering if I should let the driver know someone wrote "Penis" on one of the side windows"). He tweets with a refreshing, reckless candor: He once wrote of ESPN analyst Skip Bayless, "I mean, how much horse cock do you have to gargle to be that bad at your job," and he criticized Drew Brees and Peyton Manning's behavior during the NFL lockout with the hashtag #douchebags. And sandwiched between all that, he has the twit-wit to make people want to hang out with him. He likes video games! He's pretty liberal! For God's sake, his followers win free tickets to shit. In short, Chris Kluwe is a better, more interesting person because, not in spite of, Twitter. #whoamonguscansaythesame?


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