As meeting places for dirty minds go, the Seville Club has the cleanest reputation in town. It's as classy on the outside — resembling a quaint European bistro — as it is on the inside, with luxurious banquettes, exposed brick, and an upstairs VIP area. The customer gets everything he wants — gorgeous girls, a stiff cocktail, good food — within reason. The owner is notoriously by-the-book, and rumor has it he doesn't stand for shenanigans from either patrons or entertainers. That said, be good to the ladies and the ladies will more than make it up to you with top-notch service and a beautiful view. Only the best-looking, classiest dames in town work at Seville, which means no girls pushing lap dances and offering, ahem, extras on the side. In turn, management doesn't nickel-and-dime the talent like other clubs have been known to do. That's not every frat brother's idea of a good time, but for the timeless art of seduction, the Seville will have the Twin Cities wanting more for years to come.

Location Details

15 Glenwood Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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