Lake Street has pretty much everything. From the hoity-toity to the down-and-out, a vast array of humanity congregates along this throughway. The street's western end is nestled between Lakes Calhoun and Isles, where rollerbladers and yuppie types rule. To the east, Lake ends at the Mississippi River; the street changes names as it continues into St. Paul. Bicyclists and young families make up the bulk of the crowd there. And in between is everybody else. Lake Street has gone through many transformations over the years (there was once an amusement park there), but it has always attracted recent immigrants. That has led to a great diversity of businesses, from the still-going-strong Ingebretsen's to many Mexican restaurants to more recent halal grocery stores. These days the street even offers a place to experience all those cultures under one roof, the Midtown Global Market. All those comings and goings leave the middle section of the street looking perpetually in need of love, but abandoned spaces are eventually filled with whatever the next influx of residents is looking for. This road that runs east and west all the way through Minneapolis features too many landmarks to list, but the city's oldest cemetery, Pioneers and Soldiers, is a must-see. Not for nothing has Lake Street been immortalized in song by locals, including Lifter Puller and Atmosphere, and in photos with Wing Young Huie's awesome Lake Street USA project a few years back.

Location Details

2500 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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