Best Sign of Spring (2012)

Return of the food trucks

The smell of Korean barbecue and spiced doughnuts wafting across the Capitol lawn in St. Paul or through the streets of downtown Minneapolis is to an adult what the first tinkling sounds of the ice cream man are to kids. No one is following weather patterns more closely than the entrepreneurs behind Chef Shack, Dandelion Kitchen, Barrio, and Gastrotruck, who need enough foot traffic to make it worth their while to fire up their griddles as well as their engines. Once the food trucks have committed, everyone else knows that soon restaurant owners will be power-washing their patios, the smell of newly melted snow will mix with the aroma of grass clippings, and the dizzying euphoria that is springtime in the Twin Cities will be upon us. Not only are the Blizzard People suddenly free to go outside and play, they're eating better too. It is truly glorious.


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