Best Place to Meet Single Men (Straight) (2012)

Fulton Brewing Taproom

This is probably not the award the founders of Fulton Brewing were hoping for when they opened the first taproom in Minneapolis this spring, but sorry fellas, it's true. Throughout the brewery's soft open for growler sales and recent unveiling of the taproom, cute, well-dressed boys in their 20s and 30s have been lined up out the door. Maybe a beer-swilling boyfriend doesn't sound like an ideal mate, but think about it: This isn't just any seedy bar scene — it's Fulton, so if he's there, he's got taste. He's probably got disposable income. A lot of these boys are home brewers, which essentially means they can cook. And even though girls who brew and appreciate beer are on the rise, they're still outnumbered three to one on the floor of the taproom, which automatically scores "cool girl" points and means the odds are always in her favor.

Location Details

414 6th Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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