Last summer, a YouTube video captured an image of a tall, blurry, ape-like figure loping through the woods somewhere near Stillwater. It's not the first time a Minnesotan has reported a Sasquatch sighting, but it is the most exciting in recent history. There have long been rumors circulating about Bigfoot taking up residence in the northeastern part of the state — local investigators haven't caught him yet, but they do bring back clues like bigfootprint casts from the woods. But now, thanks to the farmer who filmed him, it seems clearer than ever that we are close to the truth. What with cell phone camera technology these days, anytime Sasquatch wants to lumber out of the woods, or pick a fistfight on a public bus, every citizen is now equipped to bring back the evidence to upgrade Bigfoot in Minnesota from "best myth" to "best fact."

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108 Main St. N.
Stillwater MN 55082


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