Best Meme (2012)

The Duck-Dog Debacle

The whole "drunk anchor" meme from Mankato probably traveled further and got more clicks, but then it ended up being sort of depressing. By contrast, the "duck-dog" situation was always primo cocktail party material, and still is today. To recap: An ambitious WCCO report tries to nail a Chinatown meat market in New York City for selling dog meat that originated in Minnesota. The anchor asks a heavily accented worker by phone if he sells dog to eat, the worker hears "duck," and the rest is comedy gold. The station ran with the story and wasn't outed until inspectors raided the meat market looking for Fido. "How could we sell dog meat?" a worker asked with the incredulity missing from that report. What made it even funnier was the fact that WCCO simply scrubbed the story from its site as opposed to owning up to its mistake. It took some shrewd online wizardry to make the story reappear and pressure from the Asian American Journalists Association to get the station to acknowledge the report. In the meantime, the lampooners at NMA TV were hard at work turning the reporter's mistake in the the duck-dog heard round the world. Classic.


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