Best Local Website (2012)

MPLS Bike Love

Here in the Twin Cities, nothing makes us feel warmer and fuzzier inside than our rich bike culture. And why not? We live in a state covered in snow and ice for half the year, and Minneapolis is still regarded as one of the best cities for bicycling on planet Earth. MPLS Bike Love has played no small part in that. Since its inception, Bike Love has been the digital foreground for the scene. It's a place for bikers to connect, stay updated, swap stories, and organize group rides. The forum has even helped police catch bike thieves. And though the site has gone through some turbulence and changed ownership since it launched, it's remained a staple of the diverse biking culture and a key to making it thrive. If you're a biker in the Twin Cities and haven't checked out MPLS Bike Love, or a beginner looking for ways to get started, we strongly recommend it.


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