Best Local Blog (2012)

Ripple in Stillwater

Ever since the entire planet figured out Tumblr, the internet has been saturated with digitized diaries and cat pictures and the term "blogger" has become somewhat pejorative. It's a shame, because Minnesota is home to so many great political and news blogs, many of which scoop the mainstream media by miles. Lately, none has been quite as impressive as Ripple in Stillwater. Run by Stillwater resident Karl Bremer, the blog mostly chronicles the small river town's many evildoers and their affiliates. Of course, in large part, this means Michele Bachmann, who Bremer has been writing about since she was just a state legislator. In the past year, Bremer has also conducted deep investigations into the St. Croix River Bridge boondoggle, Frank Vennes Jr. (cohort of Ponzi-schemer Tom Petters), and Bradlee Dean, the Minnesota GOP's favorite rap-metal minister. Bremer's work even won him a second-place award for "Best Use of Public Records" by the Society of Professional Journalists last year. So if you're looking for the real dirt on Stillwater politics, we recommend skipping the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press and going straight to Ripple in Stillwater.


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