Spring Street Tavern in Northeast could definitely be described as a dive, but just as Rihanna sings about finding love in a hopeless place, we sing the praises of Spring Street wings — a guilty pleasure that always tastes best when enjoyed in an atmosphere that's decidedly downscale. Spring Street's crispy-skinned buffalo wings are moist, meaty, and slathered in a buttery homemade buffalo sauce that has the slightly runny consistency down pat, delivering a fine balance of spice and vinegar. On the Scoville heat scale, they aren't the kind of wings that are an extreme challenge to finish, but what's the point in that anyway? Wings are meant to be dipped in thick, cooling blue cheese dressing (Spring Street makes its own, and it's chunky, sharp, and fabulous) and gobbled up. The signature Spring Wings are equally good, tossed in a sweet and hot barbecue sauce that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the corners of your mouth and linger in the corners of your mind.

Location Details

355 NE Monroe St.
Minneapolis MN 55413


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