Best Vietnamese Restaurant (2012)

Trieu Chau

It's not hard to find Vietnamese food in Frogtown; the streets are paved with banh mi and steaming bowls of pho. But there are several reasons why Trieu Chau consistently has a packed house. First, there is its take on pho: addictive and uniquely flavored with a hint of sweetness, the broth clean and perfectly spiced. Sure, the menu at Trieu Chau is full of items that can easily be found elsewhere, but as with the pho, the place adds something special to dishes like its vermicelli salad, heaped with grilled shrimp and barbecue pork, that make it the go-to spot when you need that perfect comfort food. That may be why Trieu Chau has been in business since the late '80s. While some might call it a hole in the wall — it's true there's nothing fancy here — it's the kind of place that feels extra cozy on a winter's day, the kind of room where you won't feel weird sitting alone. The owner is always extra friendly, making it seem like your happiness is truly his concern. While "fast and cheap" is not always a flattering description, let this be the exception. Here your food typically arriving within 10 minutes with a bill under $10.

Location Details

500 University Ave.
St. Paul MN 55103


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