Many of our best meals are spent with friends, drinking beer and wine while picking over small plates of great food. These are evenings with shouting, wild gesticulating, belly laughs, and fuzzy memories. This is not the time for staid dinner service. The best way to facilitate such a dinner is to hit the town for tapas. And no course of small plates is better than that put out by Solera. Chef Jorge Guzman's commitment to traditional Spanish food mixes with his Mexican heritage, and the food that arrives is the perfect combination of salty, hearty, and easy to share. The prawns in a simple chile garlic oil are transcendent. The setas y papas are simply mushrooms and potatoes with sherry, but their just-salty-enough flavor will have you reaching for another beer. Or better yet, choose from one of Solera's cocktails; the Chef Shot is a one-way ticket to fun.

Location Details

900 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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