Do you only consider it brunch if it includes multiple trips to a buffet line, mealy home fries in a warming tray, and a chocolate fondue fountain? Then you may have to broaden your definition and prepare to experience blended-meal bliss at Haute Dish. The consistently creative eatery has a penchant for combining sweet and savory components to transform familiar dishes — like its chicken and waffles, which come with a scoop of maple bacon ice cream — into unexpected, playful new favorites. Just about every dish at its Sunday brunch falls into that category. Order the HD Monte Cristo (the HD here stands for Haute Dish, of course, but it might as well be High Definition, because this is a seriously sharp sandwich), which adds foie gras and maple syrup to the standard ham, turkey, and Gruyere, and you may be satisfied for a full 24 hours. The Reuben Benedict is the perfect selection for the brunch-goer who can't decide between eggs or a sandwich. Corned beef, charred cabbage, and tangy, tomatoey Thousand Island Hollandaise sauce (which is just as rich as it sounds) are all piled atop a pumpernickel English muffin. If you're nursing a hangover, get the fully loaded bourbon bloody Mary, and if you're just looking to prolong last night's buzz, try the dangerously addictive frozen screwdriver, which drinks like a high-octane Orange Julius.

Location Details

119 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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