It's hard to remember the days before the food trucks, before we took our lunches from paper boats, hunched over, ineffective napkins crumpled in our fists. We'd prefer to never return to a life without them. A summer isn't complete without several collective hours spent waiting outside the bright turquoise Hola Arepa truck for quick griddled corn cakes stuffed with savory ingredients, washed down by one of Arepa's refreshing and creatively flavored drinks. The dishes aren't anything likely to be attempted at home on a weeknight: succulent slow-roasted Fischer Farms pork or Kadejan farms chicken, married with ever-so-tender stewed beans and crumbling white queso fresco, all packed into the delicate crumb interior of the arepas. Everything is expertly and lovingly executed (using sustainable resources) by Christina Ngyuen and Birk Stefan Grudem. With her background at the Style Laboratory and his from Bradstreet Craftshouse, each item they put forth — from the hot sauces to cuy cones to rhubarb ginger lemonade — is carefully designed to make our world a little more enjoyable.

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3501 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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