The Twin Cities restaurant scene is sorely deficient in the soul food department. It's been frustrating to see so many great places come and go over the years. The ambitiously named Soul Food Heaven is just a tiny storefront with a couple of booths and the TV playing. It's best known for its "Gangster Burger, " an $18 behemoth covered in gyro meat. But as the name implies, the restaurant also has many Southern-style specialties on the menu. Smothered chicken, pork chops, and fried catfish are the standouts, each meal coming with two sides and cornbread. It's in the variety of side dishes that Soul Food Heaven brings its A game, with more than a dozen to choose from. The greens — collards or mixed — are tip-top, bursting with rich meaty flavor. But there's also the dirty rice, mac and cheese, yams, red beans and rice, fried okra, potato salad, green beans — how do you choose? We suggest the multiple side dish as main dish approach.

Location Details

444 Maryland Ave. W.
St Paul MN 55117


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