Best Seafood Restaurant (2012)

Sea Change

Minnesota may have 10, 000 lakes, but only recently has our fair state gotten recognition as a major player in the world of seafood. Tim McKee's Sea Change, with its commitment to using seafood only from fisheries that are environmentally responsible, has been integral to that shift in perception. Everything from the sustainably farmed oysters at the raw bar to the furniture made of reclaimed materials to the glass vessels used for drinking water is re-used, recycled, or renewable. That may all sound a little stiff and hoity toity, but Sea Change also offers its innovative flavors — like the clam and potato chip pasta or the cool Arctic char with yogurt, green apple, and walnuts — without diners breaking the bank. Sea Change has no plans to rest on its laurels, though. It intends to be on the forefront of what's coming next. "It's going beyond just serving food that won't hurt the environment, " Sea Change's chef de cuisine, Jamie Malone explains. "I want to work with fisheries and farms that are pushing ahead and doing things that are restorative." One bite of her rainbow trout with brown butter and sunchoke chips and you'll be convinced they possess restorative powers already.

Location Details

806 S. 2nd St.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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