Best Restaurant Trend (2012)

Craft cocktails

The magical sound of fat cubes of ice clinking in a glass; that welcome, creeping warmth of a perfectly mixed drink — suddenly it seems no meal is complete without an expertly made cocktail. What began as a wacky trend of booze in milkshakes at the Town Talk, or the outrageously decadent designs of Johnny Michaels at La Belle Vie, has spread and morphed into a new era of dining. It's no longer enough for a restaurant to boast top talent in the kitchen, it also needs some bartending artistry. Now meals are enhanced beyond a glass of wine. Layers of complex cocktail flavors coax out nuances in cuisine. The talented people making these drinks layer flavors just like a chef. Even better, some of these talented folks have taken note that not all fine diners are drinkers, and they offer something beyond a cup of coffee. The craft cocktail revolution is definitely a trend worth toasting.


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