Pub crawls can be a dicey venture. If not enough people show up, then it feels like any other weekend night. Conversely, if the party is too big, it's no fun to fight for your beer and access to the restroom. Costumed pub crawls are great when folks are in character, but that can get overwhelming when the characters are messy, destructive, and pushy. But the MN Craft Week's Bicycle Pub Crawl solves all of those issues. The event was new this year, but it was certainly charming and did what a good pub crawl does best: It introduced participants to new parts of the city, had entertaining activities along the way, and wasn't just about drinking. The crawl started in the morning at Cafe 28, where Surly's Todd Haug served brew along with a hearty breakfast. From there, folks popped on their helmets and rode along the West Bank, stopping at Busters on 28th and Nomad World Pub before riding across the Stone Arch Bridge and into northeast Minneapolis, where Art-a-Whirl was in full swing. Stops included lunch at Pracna on Main, and the ride ended at Stanley's with a Schell's beer party. Participants sampled beer and food and played pub trivia at each stop. We're definitely excited to see what sort of pub crawl MN Craft Beer Week brews up this spring.

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329 Cedar Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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