When the sky is blue and the warm breezes of summer are flowing, pretty much anywhere you can sit outside, sip a cold beer, and get a burger has some positive points. But time spent outdoors at W.A. Frost elevates a simple outdoor meal into a sublime experience. Its patio is vast and stunningly beautiful, with vines creeping up the brick of the historic building and the petunias and azaleas bursting with color. The variety of seating — bar stools, couches, and big comfy chairs, as well as formal dining tables — allows you to enjoy the space in whatever way fits your mood. Outdoor dining at W.A. Frost can be so many things: maybe a lovely Sunday champagne brunch surrounded by hanging baskets of annuals, an afternoon sipping coffee and catching up with a friend, or alone, reading a book. Perhaps you'd prefer perfect little bites and cocktails during happy hour at the bar, or even an elegant, chef-driven dinner by candlelight. Our choice: a late-night glass of wine (or two) on a chilly evening, getting toasty by the roaring fire. The patio is even dog-friendly, so bring your pooch along.

Location Details

374 Selby Ave.
St. Paul MN 55102


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