Best Neighborhood Bar (St. Paul) (2012)

Skinner's Pub & Eatery

Some neighborhoods feature bars you drive for miles to get to because they're a citywide attraction. But the classic neighborhood bar, one that passersby overlook because it seems too "divey" — or not divey enough — is its own entity, less concerned with pulling in people from across town than with making people from a few blocks away feel at home. Skinner's Pub and Eatery sits on a stretch of Randolph Avenue that doesn't lack watering holes, but it stakes its claim with a welcoming sincerity. Its decor isn't some faux-divey contrivance but a natural accumulation of genuine community. There's some funky local-pride gusto in its bar-space wall mural of local pro wrestling legend "Mad Dog" Vachon, while its wood-paneled dining room sports classic-rock album covers and kids' coloring book pages. The cheap but tasty fare means that stopping in for a beer is merely a good start: Along with offering traditional appetizers and a wide selection of sandwiches from Reubens to walleye, Skinner's is renowned for its lunchtime all-you-can-eat pizza buffets. And even if a generous happy hour makes it a good place to get a low-budget buzz, it's still the kind of place that welcomes all ages, from free Sunday-evening kids' menu specials to Thursday bingo nights. Trendiness and friendliness aren't mutually exclusive, but Skinner's has earned its place by focusing on the latter.

Location Details

919 Randolph Ave.
St. Paul MN 55102


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